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I am really thankful for this wonderful, effective & educational webinar..  I really appreciate your time management..  You covered all important topics related to CPR... I know CPR is a very vast topic to cover but you did it !! Salute to you.. I amaze with your strategies & way of explanation... Simplicity is the continuum of your webinar... I got confidence regarding success in the near future... I lost a lot of money in the market.. I attended the 2 days course at BSE in the year 2005 but got confused while using indicators... I am always on the side that Price comes 1st then indicator but I found no one who can teach me regarding price action.. Fortunately I saw your videos on youtube and today I got  satisfaction from learning CPR & Price action from an expert person.. Thanks for the Telegram link... I joined the group..


Awesome lesson

Thank you for the nice class yesterday.
I have been trading mainly nifty for the last many years. Sometimes win , some loss and some breakeven.  My lack of discipline  causes lot of emotional problems.  I hope with the valuable information you shared I will be better equipped to trade nifty and banknifty.

I have been passionate in studying and analysis charts.  I also have started keeping folders with saved charts with few patterns recently.  Please share me the extra charts so that I could study them and get well prepared.


Not a good Trader but good Trainer too

Last couple of weeks I follow u on linked in and u r blog also.
at that time I thought u r a great trader. but I m wrong after attending today's webinar I want to must say ur a great trader and amazing 
trainer as well, u taught us wholeheartedly all secrets of price action and pivot point.
very very thanks to you sir.


Not a conventional training

First of all thank you for an excellent webinar. It made so many things clear and gave good market insight and moreover day trading techniques. It was more based on your experience rather than any book material which made it different.
I am looking to master the same and thanks for the guidance.


Awesome lesson

Thanks for introducing me to pivots, The strategies you taught are working like Magic .This week I have paper traded for few days which gave me good results . Before I trade with real money, I request you to share more graphs by reviewing those I want become good at eye-bowling.I almost all most lost 2 lakhs till now by using various strategies and recommendations. Hope this will not be repeated.

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Hi, my name is Vikram… 

After spending nearly two decades selling everything from antibiotics to protein supplements, to life-saving drugs to medical equipment, I chose to call time on my corporate career at the age of 42 and pursue my passion for Stock Market Trading and online Entrepreneurship.

My first exposure to the stock market was in the year 2004, I quit my job and started as a novice Day trader in Stock Market and lost all my savings in no time, but somehow, I realized that I had a passion for trading.

After my failure in the first attempt, I came back to my sales profession worked for many MNC’s over a period of years at different levels, but deep inside me, the stock market was always my first love.

In these last 15 years, I had developed many strategies, but they were not giving me any confidence, but, when I started working on the pivot points/CPR and price action strategy, I was totally amazed by its power, when I tested it on the last 5 years historical data. After that, I solely focused only on pivot point and price action and developed my own strategy for trading.

I quit my job in the year 2018, I am a full-time Trader and a trainer now with more than 3000 students got trained in last one year.

As they say, anything and everything can be achieved by hard work, dedication and passion…..So is Trading….Yes, you can make a living as a Trader If you have passion and hunger to succeed…






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